Calculations are done on an ellipsoid of choice (default WGS84).

Based upon Vincentie's formula.

Results are given in meters or Nautical Miles (NM.)

Distance Course

Route Planning.

Calculations are done on WGS84.

Based upon Vincenty's formula.

Will allow the user to fix times at certain Way-points and shows a warning when time(s) cannot be realized.

Shows a Where Should I Be position, a Speed To Go and Course To Go.

Man Over Board and GoTo functionality.

Breaks up GC. tracks longer than a given distance into loxodrome parts.




Closest Point of Approach, will calculate the CPA of two tracks, given Course, Speed and initial positions

Closest Point of Approach
Closest Point of Approach

Datum Transformation

Allows the user to transform Lat/Lon/Altitude from a given datum to another.

Datum Transformation
Datum Transformation


Shows the tidal information of 1 or 2 harbours.

This program uses the BATT method.

Users can add additional harbors using data from the BATT tables.

Tidal Calculations
Tidal Calculations

Great Circle Intersection.

Calculates the intersection of two Great Circles.

Intersection 2 Great Circles
Intersection 2 Great Circles

Line of Sight.

Graphical/Textual display of LOS for up to 5 sensors (e.g. Radar), given the height of the sensor.

Line of sight
Line of sight

Astro Planning and Fix.

Graphical display of available stars given approximate position and time.

Up to 10 stars can be selected for observation.

Graphical display of all LOPs and a confidence ellipse.

User can disable stars which seem to be in error and recalculate the fix.

All relevant statistics are shown.

There is a choice of two catalogues, Navigational stars and Bright stars.

Sun, Moon and planets are visual on all displays, but cannot be used for a fix (for now!).

Sun Moon Phenomena
Altitude/Azimuth display

Astro Fix (Mirador).

Given Time, Altitude and Azimuth the program will calculate a position using only one star.

It will find a star automatically, given the Time, Altitude and Azimuth of observation.

Should be a useful tool for checking e.g. the accuracy of the Mirador.

Display available stars
Display available stars

Dead Reckoning.

Simple DR program.

Display Dead reckoning
Dead Reckoning

Sun Moon Phenomena.

Graphical display of Sun- and Moon position.

Real Time display.

The phase of the moon and twilight's are also displayed.

Sun Moon Phenomena
Sun and Moon Phenomena

Tide (RWS).

Internet connection required.

This program will grab the data from a RWS server and display historical, predicted and astronomical values for a given port


Geographical to UTM and vice versa.

Geo to UTM
Geo to UTM
UTM to Geo
UTM to Geo

Analyze NMEA log files.

Purpose: check the accuracy of a GPS receiver using NMEA messages.

Given a log file of NMEA data (static observations) the program will calculate all relevant statistics of the data set.

A list of missing/wrong records will be shown.

Calc Speeds

Calculates from 2 speeds/headings (SOG, STW and Current) the third one.

Speed/Course Display

AIS Simulator.

Work in progress


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